About us

About us

Spadarella Jewels is a reality in constant evolution. Tradition and innovation come together to create jewelry that reflect the thirty-year experience of the brandwith an eye always readyto capture ideas and inspirations from the surrounding reality.

Our collections are cool and in step with the trends, they interpret the world in a simple but deep way. Everyone can find the item that represents his personality and tastes. This is why thousands of young people identify them selves with our jewels and make them an essential part of their look.


The brand Spadarella Jewelsborn in 1983, when Roberto Spadarella opens, in Riccione,his first goldsmith workshop.
High handicraft works, research and creativity are the main features that characterize the work of Spadarella, involved in the production of gold jewelry, diamonds and precious stones.

The 90s represent the transition from the artisan reality to the establishment of a wider business project, which will include the new line in silver and natural stones that will become the core business of the company.
This is how the company Spadarella Gioielli was born.

S p a d a r e l l a G i o i e l l i
Fashion & Trend Made in Riccione